Some of the longest running easy claim faucetpay faucet list’

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It has different coins but nearly you can earn same amount as BTC,LTC value (about worth 0.0003,0.0005$).you must register and add crypto address for each coins with faucetpay before claim faucetpay faucets.With micro wallets you can swap/exchange each coin or withdraw to your wallet after reach threshold. If you claim with expresscrypto faucets you can use same user id for each faucets.

Faycetpay list….

DASHZECDGBTRXBNB DB trxkonstantinova trx 5m
konstantinova DS 5mkonstantinova BCH 5mkonstantinova DB 5mkonstantinova trx 5mxfaucet TRX 5m
xfaucet DS 5mxfaucet 148 5mxfaucet DB 5mxfaucet TRX 5m
claimclicks 5mMicrowallets
bagi DS 1hbagi BCH 1hbagi DGB 1hbagi TRX 1hfaucetpay
keran DS 1hkeran BCH 1hkeran DGB 1hkeran TRX 1hexpresscrypto